Income Tax Calculator FY 2023-24

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Particulars Details   Amount(Rs)
Gross Income(CTC) Salary, Bonus, Allowances, Other income etc  
HRA Exemptions us/ 10A HRA Calculation [ Calculate Now]  
Other Exemptions u/s 10A Medical, Conveyance etc  
Profession Tax Professional Tax  
Net Income under Salaries Gross Income - Exemptions
Deductions u/s 80 C Investments in PF, PPF, Life Ins, ELSS etc  
Deductions u/s 80 CCG Investments in RGESS (50% of Investments)  
Deductions u/s 80D Medical Insurance Premium (Self, Parents)  
Tax Benefit u/s 24 Interest Paid on Home Loan (Max 2L)  
Tax Benefit u/s 80EE First Time Home Buyer (Rs.50000) in period [2016-2017]  
Tax Benefit u/s 80CCD For Additional Contribution to New Pension Scheme (Max Rs.50000)  
Total Deductions/Benefits    
Taxable Income Tax payable on this income 0
Tax Slab Slab Income Tax Rate Tax Amount
Income Tax Payee Type Male, Female, Sr. Citizen>60 years, Very Sr. Citizen>80 years  
0 0 0% -
0 0 5% 0
0 0 20% 0
0+ 0 30% 0
Tax on Total Income   0
Surcharge 10% on Tax if Income Rs. 50 lakh to Rs. 1cr
15% on Tax if Income between Rs. 1cr and Rs. 2cr
25% on Tax if Income between Rs. 2cr to Rs. 5cr
37% on Tax if Income > Rs. 5cr
Tax with Surcharge     0
Education Cess   4% 0
Tax with Cess     0
Tax Credit Upto Rs.2000 if Taxable Income < Rs. 5 lakhs   0
Tax Liability   0
Income Tax Ratio
Monthly Income Gross Income/12   0
Monthly Tax (Appx TDS) Tax Liability/12   0
Income Tax Ratio Tax Liability/Gross Income   .00%